Always a refreshing time reading from you.

Congratulations on your win 👏🏽. It’s really upsetting the charges mobile money operators are placing to get money from them and to make it worse it’s the old notes being given.

Also how is it that different banks are placing different withdrawal limits as to the initial 20k by the CBN?

We also have some persons/ businesses refusing to collect the old notes and some insisting on receiving cash instead of transfers and some totally embracing transfers from customers.

It’s just a lot of chaos going on in the country rn!

As usual it seems like government policies in Nigeria yet again are always a burden to her citizens.

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Nice one Notadeepdive. Always a good read. I was ranting on my WhatsApp story, wondering why the Telcos PSBs are not seizing this glaring low hanging fruit at a time like this. But then I realized that alot of players in this "digitizing payments" space were all caught off guard by Meffy and his antics. So was it just all talk all along? Because if bank infrastructures with their wealth of experience are suffering, then omoooo😂

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Always an amazing read. I told my friend how this policy might not be the best thing right now. but "mobile money bros" and their bubble

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Congratulations, Mosco. Well done on the masters, you finally did it.

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Congratulations OluMuyiwa. Always looking forward to your fresh and insightful take on issues.

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