Beans, garri,chicken. Tbh, anyfood.

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Three weeks ago I bought a thigh of goat meat for 2500 and just yesterday the same vendor insisted that he won’t sell below 5500, I walked the length and breadth of the market and the price was the same or even more expensive!

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Can’t say over the past month but more like over the past 2-3 months.

Annoying af. Dietary requirements have become more difficult.

Same brand of granola I bought at 2250 is now 2900. Within 2 months.

The greatest shock was buying a tuner of yam at 1300 with a lot of haggling. I’d bought same size regularly at about 500-700 last year.

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Definitely sardines for me. I buy a lot of sardines, 15-20 at a time and the last time I bought, I still complained because they were 380 naira. Imagine my shock last week when I found out they are now 650 naira.

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Has to be a kg of cooking gas going from #350 at the end of July to #470 last week.

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I usually buy N500 worth of Irish potatoes once a week that lasts me for about 2 breakfasts. I do this bcos I don't like buying in bulk (even if it's cheaper) cos they tend to spoil quickly.

About 2 months ago, I went to buy as usual and I was told there's no more N500 Irish potatoes. I was like okay, what's the least amount and she said N1500.

I didn't think the quantity would reduce, thought it was just a new selling method.

To my shock, it was smaller than the N500 ones I used to buy.

I asked if it was no longer in season, she said it's abundant in the market but people are not buying because it's too expensive. The annoying part it I ate it just once, instead of twice. So imagine me buying it twice a week for N1500. It's crazy

Same with fruits, I usually spend about 4k on varieties of a lot fruits. Now i have to spend between 9k to 11k to get the same quantity.

To make it worse, the quality have seriously dropped. Most of the fruits are almost tasteless and have that chemical after taste

So, fitfam and dieting "in za mud"

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